Friday, January 28, 2011

Ashram Satsang 28/01/11

Meditation will erase negative impressions. However meditation will NOT erase the positive impressions, because thats what you are... But Nirvana is not just getting rid of the negative impressions, but also getting rid of your attachment to the positive impressions.

So now how to do this?
First to get rid of negative impressions, bring in the positive ones.
Like to clean your body, you use soap. But then you have to clean out the soap as well. You cannot say i paid so much money for the soap i want to keep it on. Then it will also become dirt.

Recognising the stillness in activity. The Stillness is Our own Self. The entire universe is present in our own Self.
Freedom doesnt mean stopping action. It's doing action yet being a witness to it.

For Nirvana, first bring the positive karma to wash away the negative karmas.
Karma is the latent impressions in the consciousness which propels you to do action. And present action is that which will propel future actions.
The Universe is full of Karma.
And the skill is to live in karma, yet not be affected by it. This is Yoga.

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